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Aom Diamond is ready to serve you the exact diamond that you come looking for. We have an excellent array of gem-quality lab grown diamonds that can help you obtain profits or adorn your perfect jewelry. Being one of the country’s proven lab-grown diamond manufacturers, our diamonds are crafted using state-of-art technology. Furthermore, the excellent synthetic diamonds that we bring to the floor have captured a place among the country’s top CVD diamond manufacturers and HPHT diamond manufacturers. Hence, you can go for our products without a second thought.

Our products include:

  1. CVD diamonds
  2. HPHT diamonds
  3. Raw lab grown diamonds 
  4. Loose CVD and HPHT diamonds
  5. Customized diamonds

Why Choose Us Aom Diamond?

We deliver our best endeavor for your victory.

You have to put all your concerns about the diamond when you come at aom diamond. Aom diamond wants to give prime quality, and an accomplished adore to use. The artist is putting their ardor into making a masterpiece as new in no time.

01. Prompt Delivery

Our delivery services are prompt and can save you all the trouble of coming to our store to collect your ordered diamond. Once your order is placed, you will be informed of the exact time the product will be delivered. Then, you have to wait for the diamond to reach you.

02. Best Quality Diamonds

To buy HPHT diamonds or CVD diamonds that can serve your purpose, you need to assess the quality of the diamonds first. At Aom Diamond, we only provide lab grown diamonds tested and proved for their brilliance. They are therefore made to shine like nothing else out there.

03. Taste Trustworthy Service

Our clients have acknowledged our genuineness. It is this trust that has made us grow so far. We believe in transparency, and therefore our customers are made aware of everything that happens, from selecting the diamond to when it gets delivered at their doorstep.

04. Get Maximum Benefits

We provide lab grown diamonds at prices way below the competitive rates. Thus, you can reap maximum benefits at low prices.

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