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What is an HPHT diamond?

The rush to buy HPHT diamonds is increasing by the day. Lab grown diamonds are growing in popularity as their advantages over traditional diamonds are being grasped by humankind.

HPHT diamond is artificially produced in a laboratory. High pressure, high temperature diamonds as they are called are made in an extremely intensive atmosphere that gives birth to gemstones that are entirely similar to natural rough stones. This includes their physical, chemical, and optical characteristics.

How is an HPHT Diamond made?

An HPHT diamond starts its journey from a small seed. The seed is placed inside a source of carbon and put under intense pressure at high temperatures. The aim to metamorphose the seed is achieved as the carbon melts and coats the seed making it bigger. The product is then cooled and polished using machines to produce excellent cut clarity diamonds.

How is an HPHT diamond made?

What determines HPHT diamond value?

The value of an HPHT diamond is mainly determined by its 4Cs. The 4Cs are cut, clarity. carat weight and colour. These decide the value that a diamond holds post-manufacturing. While the cut and colour are decided by the diamond manufacturer, clarity is determined by the smoothness of the process and the carat weight is a consequence of cutting itself.

Buy from the top HPHT diamond manufacturers in India for they are one of the expert makers of synthetic diamonds in the world. We give them at the best HPHT diamond prices in the market.

Apart from 4Cs what other factors decide the HPHT diamond price?

These synthetic gemstones are the products of sophisticated technology yet tend to have variations among themselves. The slight change in heat can result in inclusions on the texture. Hence, not all would be clones of each other. Inclusions can affect the clarity and flawlessness of the diamond reflecting the same in the HPHT diamond price.

RapNet is another factor that influences the market price of these gemstones. It is the largest online market where the dealers decide the price of every kind of diamond depending on the forces of demand and supply. A price chart is released every Thursday declaring the prices across markets around the world. Thus, HPHT diamond price is a result of many things.

lab grown diamond


You can get all the benefits and satisfaction of owning a natural gem at a lower price if you choose HPHT diamond. They shine and shimmer like natural ones and have the same sturdy nature and aura to them.

conflict free diamond

Blood-free diamonds

These artificial gems do not exploit human labour for their formation. Children are used as labourers for mining; workers work in a dangerous atmosphere all the time. The risk is high; both humans and animals are affected by the huge excavation procedures. High pressure high temperature diamonds are made in labs, hence they rarely deal with anything outside machines.


Good for nature

As mining is not a part of the formation, the gemstones do not cause any harm to the environment. They take birth in the labs and reach their complete form right there without being connected with the outside environment. A lot of the negative consequences of mining can be avoided with these lab-made stones.

Better aesthetics

Flawless in texture

Made in a controlled atmosphere, these are flawless in nature. In terms of clarity, quality, and texture they tend to be better than their natural counterparts.

HPHT diamonds for sale is a pretty common ad that can be found in the market. But when you decide to buy HPHT diamond make sure to go through the grading reports and look for the 4Cs. Reputed HPHT diamond manufacturers will provide the best quality diamonds at the best HPHT diamond values.

How is the future looking for these man-made diamonds?

It is predicted that with time, HPHT diamonds will replace natural ones to a large extent. As eco-friendly products are gaining popularity among the young generation, artificial gems are getting more demand from lower age groups. As economic conditions are unpredictable, people are leaning towards options that can have a guarantee of not changing their prices drastically. This is another major factor that is making the future look good for these lab-made gemstones.

Where to find HPHT diamonds for sale?

HPHT diamonds are now being produced by multiple HPHT diamond manufacturers in India and across the world. They sell them both offline and online, making it easy for the customers to place their order based on their convenience. To buy HPHT diamonds is therefore not a difficult task. Based on one’s understanding of the market and his need, one can choose the manufacturer he thinks is credible and can make a request to know more its details.

The best HPHT diamond manufacturers in India

In India, the top diamond manufactures of both natural and non-natural diamonds are found in the state of Gujarat. Serving a major chunk of the demands of the world, these manufacturers are slowly taking over the market with their expertise. A credible institution will be backed by the approval of acclaimed organizations and their products would be certified. Visit the websites or approach the manufacturers directly to know more about them.

15 FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) on HPHT DIAMOND

What does HPHT stand for?

HPHT stands for high pressure high temperature. It is the technique with which the HPHT diamonds are created in laboratories.

Are HPHT diamonds strong as real diamonds?

Yes, HPHT diamonds are sturdy like natural diamonds as the physical properties of both are the  same. Both are made of the very same basic element- carbon.

Where can I find good quality HPHT diamonds for sale?

High quality HPHT diamonds can be acquired from master HPHT diamond manufacturers in India. You can search for the top manufactures on the internet and study them before making up your mind. We provide top quality excellent cut HPHT diamonds.

What to look for when I buy HPHT diamond?

Look out for the 4Cs of diamond while going to buy a diamond. Go through the grading reports of the product and see the level of each C. It will help you to assess the quality of the diamond.

Are HPHT diamonds same as Moissanite?

No, they are not the same thing. Moissanite is not real diamond. It just gives the appearance of one. They are diamond imposters that are not near a diamond in terms of quality, strength or value. HPHT diamond on the other hand is the same as a natural diamond and has identical properties.

Are HPHT diamonds graded?

Yes, HPHT diamonds are graded by the diamond grading institutes, just like natural diamonds. A grade report helps the buyer know the quality of the diamond while they will going to buy.

What all details can I find in a grading report?

In a grading report you can see all the details regarding a diamond. This includes the cut, clarity, dimension, color, quality, carat weight etc. Make sure to go through each of them before you make up your mind.

Is an HPHT diamond same as a CVD diamond?

No. Both are synthetic diamonds that are made in two different ways. While HPHT diamonds are made by growing a diamond seed in a high pressurized atmosphere, CVD diamonds are made by developing the diamond seed inside a vacuum chamber. CVD stands for Chemical Vapour Deposition.

Who grades HPHT diamond?

Yes, HPHT diamonds are graded by the diamond grading institutes, just like natural diamonds. A grade report helps the buyer know the quality of the diamond while he going to buy.

Do HPHT diamonds lose colour?

No, they do not lose colour with time. Chemically treated, these diamonds are made just like a natural diamond with slight color variations. The color will never fade and can stay the same for eternity.

What makes HPHT diamonds special?

When compared to other real diamonds, HPHT diamonds are whiter. They are brighter and have a better aura than other diamonds. Being one the highest clarity diamonds among the lot, these are always in high demand from customers around the world.

In what all colours are these diamonds available?

As they are artificially made in labs, they are chemically treated to have the desired colours. They are available in colours such as yellow. Greenish yellow, white, brown are some of the common ones.

Are HPHT diamonds cheaper than natural diamonds?

Yes, these diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds as they are made in labs that create an atmosphere similar to the ones that lead to the origin of natural diamonds.

Do HPHT diamonds have the same value as a natural diamonds?

Yes, in terms of real value HPHT diamonds are the same as that of natural diamond. They are as good as natural diamonds in terms of quality and characteristics. However, when it comes to price, these man-made diamonds are having an edge over their natural counterparts.

Do the prices of HPHT diamond change drastically like natural diamonds?

No, when it comes to synthetic diamonds, their price pretty much remains the same. Unlike natural diamonds, their rates do not change drastically with the change in the economy. Hence, these diamonds are not considered as an ideal investment.

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