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0.30 cent lab grown diamond

0.50 cent HPHT diamond

0.50 cent TO 1.00 carat I1/2 Clarity D/E/F Color mix Lot

1.00 carat Pear shape Lab Grown Diamonds

1.00 Carat Oval Cut CVD DIAMOND

1.00 Carat Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond

1.00 carat TO 2.00 vvs/vs Clarity D/E/F Color mix cvd diamond

1.01 Carat HPHT CVD Diamond

1.04 pear shape cvd diamond

1.50 carat oval cut lab grown diamond

2.00 carat Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond

2.00 Carat Natural Diamond

2.00 carat Round Shape Lab Grown Diamond

2.00 TO 2.50 carat vvs/vs Clarity D/E/F Color mix hpht diamond

3.00 carat round cut cvd diamond

3.23 carat lab grown diamond

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