Aom Diamond | Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers, Supplier, Wholesaler In India
Diamond Manufacturing takes years of expertise to excel in the field. Unlike natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds need to be manufactured in an environment that is gauged by strict measures carefully adhering to standards that are prescribed under law. Established in 1997, Aom Diamond under the chairmanship of Mahesh Vekariya, has with time become a pioneer in the field of diamond manufacturing. Although we began as a manufacturer, we managed to expand our scope over the years and prove our worth as a Wholesaler, Trader, Retailer, Importer, and Exporter of a range of eco-friendly lab grown diamonds. HPHT diamond, Synthetic diamond, and CVD diamond are a few of our specializations.


We bring to you a wide array of erosion-free, beautifully cut diamonds ready to be an everlasting part of jewellery or to be traded to faraway lands!

Aom Diamond | Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers, Supplier, Wholesaler In India
Lab Grown diamond

Having the same aesthetic nature as natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are available in vivid colours. Our gamut of Lab grown diamonds include Polished Lab Grown diamond, Jewellery Lab Grown diamond, Natural Lab Grown diamond, and Synthetic Lab Grown diamond.

Aom Diamond | Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers, Supplier, Wholesaler In India
Customized diamond

These diamonds are made keeping in mind the particular specifications mentioned by the customer for his specific needs. Our team will understand your requirements and carve the exact diamond you need!

Aom Diamond | Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers, Supplier, Wholesaler In India
CVD diamond

Different from natural and HPHT diamonds, CVD diamonds have unique properties that make them special. Our varieties include Synthetic CVD diamond, Excellent CVD diamond, and many more.

Aom Diamond | Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers, Supplier, Wholesaler In India
HPHT diamond

The most asked for, among all, HPHT diamonds are the gorgeous ones made in a high pressurized environment. Known for their clarity and value, these are best for gracing jewellery pieces. We offer a variety of HPHT diamonds such as – Natural HPTH diamond, Polished HPTH diamond, E color HPHT Loose diamonds.

Aom Diamond | Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers, Supplier, Wholesaler In India


Aom Diamond today boasts of a strong clientele base expanding across the nation. It was not an easy journey to start from scratch and reach the position that we are today. Being an extremely competitive field, especially in Gujarat, diamond manufacturing demands a lot of patience, a good capital base, strong technology backup, and a clean label among current and potential clients. Apart from these, we stand out from our competitors in the following ways:

No compromise on quality

We promise only the best of best for you. Our lab grown diamonds are the personification of perfection. Aom’s HPHT diamonds and CVD diamonds are known for their supreme properties making them the most demanded among the lot offered by us.

Expert eyes

Our team is a group of experts who have been in the field for decades. With attention to detail and precision in deciding the elements that characterise the excellent diamonds, they are the backbone that keeps us going.

Client Prioritization

Aom Diamond values clients just like the diamonds we make. We aim to see that the client receives exactly what he wishes for. The entire unit is based on a client-centric approach, making it a point to see the smile on each customer’s face when the product gets delivered.

Exemplary records

Our customer base continues to expand mainly due to our records. Since inception, we managed to move up the business ladder by making our service known far and wide. Our exceptional way of dealing has won us hearts ranging across different cultures and languages.

Exceptional delivery and logistics facility

Time matters for this business and we are well aware of the same. Our logistics team ensures everything from secure packing to delivering the product safely at your doorstep. All you have to do is wait for the exact diamond you ordered for.

Affordable price range

Synthetic diamonds and lab grown diamonds are mostly inexpensive, however, here at Aom Diamond, you get them at prices that are even more affordable. With our prices, a diamond can be an excellent choice for your profitable business.

We guarantee IGI certified man-made diamonds that are robust just like our trademark. Come and feel the purity!

Prompt delivery

Sticking to a time frame is a golden rule of Aom Diamond. Once the order is placed, the consequent arrangements are done without a minute passing by. As our customers are primarily from the business field, prompt delivery of the product is something that holds huge value in their trade. We make sure that the diamonds once finished, undergo strict inspection, get packed properly, and reach the customer even before the promised delivery time.

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